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Impress your clients with high quality professional corporate portraits in Ibiza

It is not enough to have a good CV, certifications and recognitions. Resumes with a photo are more likely to be read and therefore attract the attention of recruiters. In fact, good professional photography can be the difference between getting a job or not. In a society in which the image is increasingly important, having a professional photograph that reflects our personal brand is essential to stand out and achieve job success.

In the case of a company, the first thing you want to convey with a corporate portrait photograph is professionalism. It is a way of showing that you are serious and competent. The values that you want to convey are: honesty, seriousness, commitment, quality… On the other hand, if it is a clothing store, what you want to convey is elegance, good taste and sophistication. It is a way of attracting potential customers and giving loyalty to current ones. In any case, the important thing is that corporate portrait photographs reflect the essence of the brand or the person.

Having professional photographs will also give you more options to update your LinkedIn profile, update your photo on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, as well as your corporate email and your professional biography on the website. get noticed! both for your corporate environment and for your academic colleagues and of course, the connection you have with your clients. A good executive portrait photograph will always project your best version, the one in which you look real and natural.

If you are about to take your first corporate portrait, you should take into account some tips. We suggest you use different clothing alternatives, preferably in bright colors or pastel shades. Dark blue, grey, red and black will always make you look amazing no matter your complexion. If you wear a blouse or shirt, make sure it is in a single color or with floral but sober textures, geometric figures or lines will not be the best option. Don’t forget to bring your watch, earrings, necklaces and scarf. Try comfortable and high shoes that stylize your figure and as for makeup, something natural that enhances your facial features is always better. Experts know what they’re doing, consider investing in a professional makeup artist.

Effective and high-quality photography that will help you increase your sales. Connect emotionally with your audience. Boost your brand image!

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