Corporate Portrait and Product Photography

A day at Can Puvil to enhance essence and detail

I went with great enthusiasm to do a Corporate Portrait and Product Photography at Can Puvil, previously invited by Marina, the owner and farmer of the farm. And suddenly, I was immersed in a wonderful ecological corner of the municipality of Sant Josep. Which by the way is, an incredible place!!

Mariana told me while we were walking that little by little they have been specializing. They have opted for the recovery of many local varieties, respecting the natural times for the growth and maturation of the product. Many local varieties, such as Xeixa wheat, figs, vegetables, wild asparagus, summer vegetables. Lots of variety, texture and flavour.

Local product

Photographic report in Can Puvil of the eriçó melon. Small, round and as tender as it is appetizing. They say that its name is due to its resemblance to the shell of the spineless sea urchin. It is a very delicate melon on the plant and it ripens very quickly. It makes it difficult to sell, but it is true, little by little more farmers are betting on this wonderful product to keep local conservation alive. There is also the tomato, which after a long and anguished selection, you can enjoy this red fruit without bites or scratches.

Wheat flour, the first grapes and figs of the season, melon toad skin, sea urchin melon, padrón pepper, red pepper, green pepper, white pepper, aubergines, courgette, Potimarrón squash, Majorcan white melon, grated xindría, strawberries, Ibizan red onion, Ibizan red potato, Ibizan tomato salad !!!!

This visit was undoubtedly an incredible experience where by chance I discovered the taste of the fruit of the carob tree, very similar to the flavor of the typical licorice. A very appreciated connection for me with the roots and customs of rural Ibiza that I did not know. Since then, I don’t want any other flavor than the authentic one. For photographeribiza also a lovely experience.

Photographer Ibiza